There’s nothing like the rustic smell of a wood burning fire. Going back to my days in the wood shop in College, one of my favourite aspects of working with the medium was definitely not the saws. It was the smell of burnt wood. So my recent purchase of a hobby level wood burning tool (that was very quickly followed up by the almost instantaneous upgrade to a “professional” wood burning tool), has brought back memories and opened up new doors for my illustrations.

I’ve always loved pen and ink line drawing. Wood burning is pen and ink illustration but on a whole different level. Each piece of wood burns a little differently based on type of wood and grain, but the end result is a one of a kind image that cannot be replicated. And I love it!

So the weather is getting colder and it just feels like a real Fall and Winter type thing to do and a great excuse to wear buffalo check flannel and fuzzy socks:) I am currently engaging my inner pyromaniac by focusing on botanicals and Christmas ornaments. As I create new designs I will be listing them on my Etsy Store for purchase. Currently I am getting ready for Christmas and have developed a series of one of a kind, customized family ornaments that I affectionately refer to as my “Merry Mittens.”

Jen Bell Handmade & Hand Painted Wood Burnt Rustic Merry Mittens Christmas Ornaments

I would have never come up with my idea of a multi-piece ornament had I not lost a fairly small but tall Birch Tree in my backyard. It made me sad to see her go, but very happy I’ve been able to repurpose her trunk that has been curing in the garage for over a year! In any event, visit my JenBellArt Etsy Store and see what kind of combination you can design! And I am open to custom requests:)

Jen Bell Rustic Wood Burnt Ornaments for Families with Custom Color Mittens

Jen Bell Rustic Wood Burnt Ornaments for Pets like Dogs & Cats

Jen Bell Merry Campers Airstream Christmas Ornament

Jen Bell Handmade & Hand Painted Wood Burnt Rustic Ornaments

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