Hello Universe

The clearest way
into the universe

is through a
forrest wilderness.

– John Muir

my story, or at least part of it…

When my spaceship landed many moons ago, I hopped out with a Kodak camera, a bag of 110 film and a paintbrush.  Or at least that’s the story my parents are sticking with.  I’m still not sure about the alien reference but they are definitely spot-on with my love of film and art.  What followed my landing has been a life full of colourful moments and memories.

My specialty is repurposing wood (driftwood, barn wood, industrial wood, cabinet panels, rustic furniture, etc.) as canvases for architectural wall décor brought back to life.  While I also paint on traditional wooden canvas and wood panel, I have a special place in my heart for reclaimed wood.  It’s an opportunity to reuse rustic wood that would most likely be collecting dust in a basement or still floating across the bay.

My acrylic paintings and wood art are ideal as wall décor, mantle décor or on a shelf.  Whether you call home a studio apartment or a beach cottage or a colonial house, I have something for you!  And if you don’t find what you like, I can customize a piece of art for you.  My work makes the ultimate gift for a rustic wedding, beach wedding or barn wedding.  Birds, beach houses, boats, lighthouses…I have done them all.  While I specialize in shorebirds and the places and nature that make up the beaches of Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina and South Carolina, I will happily abandon ship (but just temporarily) to bring YOUR favourite places into your home!

I am also very much available for commissioned illustrations or photographs for your digital or print publication, etc.  Just email me at jen@jenbell.com

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my mind is always
churning like

the Sea



Memories can be even warmer in a muffin pan.

The Treasure Chest

Just add sand and shells for instant wow!  Coming Soon!

Because everyone needs a Christmas workshop.

For the DIYers

See what I’m busy building in the lab for you! Coming Soon!

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