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After recently discovering the missing vowels of my last name, I thought my “restrospettiva” would be appropriate here. How can you not just love that word?!

Jen Bell Art & Design

Paintings, Drawings & Photography



My heart has always belonged to the sea. So much so, that my late grandmother was not all too happy when I broke the news to her that I had bought a boat before a house, lol. While I have painted and drawn many other things over the years, I always return to the Atlantic seaboard.

In recent years I’ve developed a love for shorebirds. By noooo means am I a professional birder, but I do love photographing them in their natural habitat, the inland bays and waterways of New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland and Virginia. As you may notice, my preferred medium is acrylic on wood, both found and new. A fair share of my purchased paintings have been those created on repurposed wood I’ve found on the shorelines of the Mid-Atlantic.

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I am available to create a commissioned piece for you. Please understand I do not do portraits but will happily create an illustrative likeness of your boat, car or motorcycle and a variety of other nautical and coastal art. Cost varies depending on size and complexity.